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TQL Traders is in business of salt for the last TEN years and involved in mining of salt and inland trading of all kind of raw materials used for chemical industry, edible usages, animal lick and salt used in making of any kind of salt handicrafts.

Recently we have established our manufacturing unit at KHEWRA, the salt hub of Pakistan and can offer any size / quality of natural salt lamps, salt tiles and salt animal licks. At the same time we can manage any kind of salt manufactured handicraft from our local venders if ordered for.

The salt range in Pakistan is the largest salt deposits in the world having lot of verities of NATURAL ROCK SALT with respect of colors, the chemical specifications and the physical properties. While complying to our national / inland commitments, we had an opportunity to explore most of the important areas of the salt range during last TEN years. This specific experience help us long way in producing / providing the required quality and quantities of our esteemed customers in international market.

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