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BaseQuality we produce is strictly according to the customer requirement / satisfaction. we manage to collect best possible raw material for our products from different mines available throughout the 150 Km long salt range in Pakistan. This very effort helps us to maintain our stander quality and high accuracy in shapes.

BasePacking is one of the most important factor in price and quality of final product. Please tell us your required packing.
All products are shrink-wrapped individually or taken into poly bags, saving from moisture. Than products are taken into single- or many lamps into master carton.
We use high quality imported Kraft paper for packing, this paper is highly water resistant.

BaseThe used bases are high quality, painted hard-wooden or crafted marble bases.
We use stainless steel (rust proof) screws fixing the base, from local and import sources as well.

Bulb holderElectric parts basically meet the European and international standards (VDE,CE,GS). If you have other local regulations, please let us know and we will modify our products to meet your requirements. Electric parts are available here in Pakistan.

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